Pine Cone Spider- Nature Crafts for Kids


Came up with this design and wanted to share it!  So much fun and very realistic!  This very inexpensive craft idea is sure to be a hit! Great Halloween activity to do with the youngsters 🙂

Supplies to make one spider:

2- Dried Pine Cones

5- black pipe cleaners (12 inch or 1 foot length)


Insert 4 pipe cleaners into one of the pine cones.  Wrap each pipe cleaner once around the pine cone.RIMG4942Once you have wrapped the 4 pipe cleaners around the pine cone to make legs, take the last pipe cleaner and wrap it around the end of the pine cone one time, with most of it left hanging.  This is where you will attach the rear.


Attach the rear by facing the cones together, with bracts facing each other.  Then, use the last pipe cleaner to wrap around the rear and around the body a few more times to secure them together.



And there you have it!  A creepy, realistic looking pine cone spider!  Just shape the legs and you are done! I hope that you have enjoyed this pine cone craft! Thanks for taking a look, and please, try this at home! So much fun for the kids 🙂



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